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Are vegetarian “burgers” confusing consumers? Lords Committee to hear evidence


On Wednesday 19 June, the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee will ask experts whether a proposal from the European Parliament to ban the use of…

Classic British cuisine ranked by Britons!


YouGov polls the public on 50 traditional British dishes such as Yorkshire puddings, fish and chips and cottage pie.

British food is stereotypically held in low regard by…

National fish and chip museum opens in York


This article and images has been written and provided by the York Press

FISH and chips can be bought for just 4 pence in York on…

Lords appoint new Committee to consider food poverty and its impact on public health and the environment


The House of Lords has today appointed a new special inquiry Committee to consider the links between inequality, public health and food sustainability.

The poorest 10%…

How much are we willing to pay for fish & chips and other British classics?


This article has been sourced from Hitachi Personal Finance -

Our map reveals how much people expect to pay around the country for classic…

Misconceptions about the seafood industry are putting off young talent


The next generation see the seafood industry as low skilled and unexciting, leaving seafood businesses struggling to recruit fresh, young talent.

Seafish, the public body that…

NEW DATE: How to minimise waste and maximise profits training course


NFFF: Better Business Training

Needing a bit of a lift for your business? If you’re finding it hard to compete on price and quality and need…

Contactless payments are the present, not the future


We are living in a digital age where people no longer carry cash or cheque books, and they expect to be able to make contactless payments wherever they…

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