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What is the NFFF Quality Accreditation?

It's a fact that today, fish and chips are still Britain's number one takeaway. The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation Scheme is all about finding those shops throughout the UK that give their customers the BEST QUALITY fish and chips, assessing them against our quality benchmark and rewarding successful applicants who pass the assessment and the taste test, with the 'BIG Q' Quality Accreditation sign.

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This is so you can be assured of eating top quality fish and chips from a top quality fish and chip shop!

Launched in December 2020, replacing the previous NFFF Quality Award, The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Accreditation is a scheme aimed at improving standards and rewarding shops that provide top quality fish and chips in a clean, hygienic and safe environment.

This is so the public can be assured of eating top quality fish and chips from a top quality fish and chip shop!

  • Recognises the UK's best quality and best tasting fish and chips by assessing them against a very high quality benchmark
  • Promotes the use of fish sourced from environmentally sustainable stocks to reduce the impact on fish numbers and the environment
  • Raises standards in the UK fish and chip shop sector by highlighting the professionalism of shop owners and staff
  • Highlights the importance of producing high quality fish and chips in a first class environment inspected by industry professionals
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Why take the Quality Accreditation?

The Quality Accreditation is a great marketing opportunity and promoting your business through the display of an accreditation such as this helps you to increase customer confidence and awareness, and helps your business to stay one step ahead.

The Quality Accreditation also acts as a great opportunity for your business to be independently audited by an experienced, industry approved assessor, helping you to pick up on areas where you can improve your business.

  • Show your customers you're one of the best in the UK!
  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Fantastic marketing opportunity
  • Increase footfall

How do I get the Quality Accreditation?

To achieve the Quality Accreditation shops have to undergo a thorough remote inspection carried out by an independent assessor covering the following aspects:

  • Premises - layout, condition and cleanliness
  • Machinery, equipment and utensils - condition and cleanliness
  • Working practices - intake, preparation, storage, product handling and temperature control
  • Hygiene standards - staff, premises and equipment
  • Management controls - health and safety, pest controls, temperature monitoring, cleaning schedules, staff training and allergen matrix
  • Final product - level of customer service, quality of finished cooked product
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How to enter and how much does it cost?

To enter the Quality Accreditation we first encourage you to read through the Guidelines Document to understand what the assessment will cover. You can find the guidelines in the NFFF member zone or by simply requesting them from the NFFF Quality Accreditation enquires.

Once you are happy that your business will meet these criteria you can complete the online application process (Click here to undertake). 

The accreditation lasts for a year and costs £125 plus VAT (£150) for NFFF members, this price is for a limited time only!

Non NFFF members will pay £200 plus VAT (£240).

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What our holders say!

"It's a fantastic way of maintaining high standards. The assessment process is a great opportunity to invite a qualified and respected person from within our own industry into our business who sees it through new eyes and who can often bring ideas and suggestions."

-Lesley Graves, Burton Road Chippy, Lincoln.

"Towngate Fisheries has held the Quality Award continuously for over 10 years and we consider it to be an essential tool to help us maintain our high standards and demonstrate to our customers we do so. It has always proved to be a useful marketing tool and a great motivator to all our team at Towngate Fisheries.".

-Mark Drummond, Towngate Fisheries, Idle.

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so many benefits to being an nfff member, friendly helpful people

Arron Cole, Saltys Fish and Chips

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