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The NFFF is a trade organisation representing the fish and chip industry. First established in 1913, throughout its long history the NFFF has worked towards protecting and promoting the interests of the UK’s fish friers.

If you see this logo listed, it confirms the shop is a current member of the National Federation of Fish Friers.

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The NFFF Quality Award scheme recognises shops that offer the best quality fish and chips across the UK. Every shop in the scheme is assessed against the NFFF quality benchmark.

If you see this logo listed, it confirms the shop is a current NFFF Quality Award holder.

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The Marine Stewardship Council is the world’s leading eco-label for sustainable fish and seafood. Any fish with the MSC label can be traced back to a sustainable source.

If you see this logo listed in the shop directory you can be sure that their fish is being sustainably sourced.

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About 1 in 100 people — about 1 percent — have coeliac disease, an inherited autoimmune disease that causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is ingested. 

If you see this logo listed then the shop has confirmed that gluten free products are available.

If you require gluten free products please be advised to contact the shop ahead of your visit as these may only be available on selected times and dates. The NFFF cannot guarantee any operating practices in any outlets, we therefore recommend that you speak to the owner to ensure they are proficient at producing gluten free safely.

Although we will update our directory daily, we may be unaware of changes a shop may make. If there are any changes you would like to make us aware of please let us know and we can update a business accordingly.

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Fish Friers
Fish Friers