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NFFF Pay Monthly – You can now join the NFFF by paying in 12 handy instalments. If you would like to join by paying monthly please complete the application below. By completing the application you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, please click here.

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Number of Shops Membership Type Total Payment Initial Payment Then 11 Payments of
 x 1 Shop Single-Shop Membership (1 Shop) £263.42 £52.66 £19.16
 x 2-4 Shops Small Multi-Shop Membership (2 - 4 Shops) £395.14 £79.00 £28.74
 x 5-9 Shops Medium Multi-Shop Membership (5 - 9 Shops) £718.28 £143.64 £52.24
Dual Membership £55.02 £11.02 £4.00
 x 1 Shop Single-Shop Membership plus Dual £318.44 £63.68 £23.16

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Fish Friers

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Dual Membership entitles the named partner to the same benefits of membership as the main member, including an additional copy of the Fish Friers Review magazine, voting rights and equal access to all membership advice lines, benefits and discounts.

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Please note Dual Membership comes with the additional cost of £55.02.

Are you an organisation which supplies a service or product to the fish and chip industry? Then why not join us as an NFFF Associate Member. This is a great way for companies with a bona fide interest in the fish frying trade to work with the NFFF. NFFF Associate Members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry and towards supporting our goal of maintaining fish and chips as the UK's number 1 takeaway meal. For more on NFFF Associate Membership please click here.

Fish Friers
Fish Friers