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Oil Management - Know your limits

Due to Covid 19, the NFFF is running a limited training schedule. For training enquiries please email

The course will cover all aspects of oil management. You will look at the ways in which you can keep your oil well maintained which will result in a consistently good product.  Our highly experienced trainers will discuss all aspects of good oil management and demonstrate good oil management processes.

What you will learn:

  • Frying mediums – nutritional profiles.
  • Assessing oil quality – techniques.
  • Identifying breakdown of fats & oils.
  • Environmental impact – reduce eliminate fat & oil wastage.
  • Tips for frying healthier products.
  • Acrylamide.
  • Portion sizes and nutritional values.
  • 10 commandments of good oil management.

Where you will learn:

  • Zoom online live session

Study length:

  • 2 - 3 hours duration

Cost of this course:

  • NFFF Members £85.00+VAT
  • Non NFFF Members - £115.00+VAT

Fish Friers

98% felt better equipped to manage/work in a fish shop business

96% would recommend the course

79% said the course surpassed their expectactions

Fish Friers
Fish Friers