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Sustainably sourced fish

The NFFF has identified sustainability as a key business area the fish frying industry can embrace - both as a way to improve business practices and also safeguard the future of the industry. If there's no fish then there's no fish and chips!

When thinking about the fish frying industry, in terms of the core product (fish) to be sustainable, the fishery must be managed in a way that allows the target fish population to be at a healthy enough level to be able to naturally reproduce at a rate that then allows fishing to continue indefinitely without over exploiting the resources

In May 2012 the NFFF was granted an audience with a rather famous fish and chip fan - His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, or the Duke of Rothesay as he is known in Scotland.

This high profile meeting with His Royal Highness was convened by one of the Princes' Trusts ecological projects, The International Sustainability Unit (ISU). The aim of the meeting was to discuss practical ways in which the fish and chip sector can help to ensure sustainably sourced fish stays at the top of the menu and in the mind of the consumer, in turn ensuring the preservation of fish stocks for future generations and the future supply of our industry.

Warm, friendly and full of enthusiasm for our sector, a number of ideas to promote sustainability and fish and chips were discussed with HRH, but one of the key outcomes of the meeting was that NFFF President Gregg Howard formally agreed to producing a Responsible Sourcing Code which will be drawn up by the NFFF in conjunction with the Young Fish Friers group and Good Catch Award winners.

Fish and chip shops throughout the UK will then be urged to meet these good practices in fish sourcing, to help ensure that the fish they are serving has come from well managed sustainable fisheries. Realising this will mean working with suppliers, supporting well managed fisheries and educating shop owners and consumers alike.

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NFFF Actions on Sustainability

Fish Friers
  • To develop a Responsible Sourcing Code to be shared with all NFFF members
  • Work with wholesalers and suppliers to support the Code
  • NFFF to work with MSC on group certification programme. Goal: To realise 500 shops with Chain of Custody by 2020.
  • NFFF to work with Young Friers and Good Catch winners on training and communications to NFFF members
  • NFFF to work with ISU, MSC, suppliers, Good Catch winners and Young Friers to promote responsible sourcing.
  • NFFF to develop specialist section on website, dedicated to good fisheries management and responsible sourcing.
  • On the day The NFFF also joined over 120 other signatories from around the world in signing up to the Prince's International Sustainability Unit's global declaration on good fisheries.

Clarence House Declaration 

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Be certified sustainable with the MSC

To certify sustainability, the most recognised method is through working with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The MSC 'Blue tick' ecolabel is the most trusted and recognised indicator of seafood sustainability and is used to show that seafood has come from an independently certified sustainable fishery. The blue tick is becoming increasingly familiar to consumers, can be awarded at any point of the supply chain, to fisheries, suppliers and vendors and is really the most trusted way of knowing that your fish is responsibly sourced.

For a fish and chip shop to display the MSC Ecolabel it will need to attain Chain of Custody and it has never been as easy! Become MSC certified with the NFFF

Become MSC Certified 

Operating Sustainably

When discussing sustainability, fish sourcing may instantly spring to mind, but there are also a number of other ways that fish and chip shops can embrace this concept.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) are Associate members of the NFFF and work to help businesses adopt a sustainable way of thinking.

Sustainability quick Links

There are plenty of organisations whose job help fish and chip shops to become more sustainable, both in their sourcing and practices

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"It's not just about doing the right thing for the right reasons.
You don't go into this business with altruism at heart.
Running a restaurant sustainably is another way of saying you're managing it efficiently.
By switching to green energy, having our oil collected, recycling our food waste and cooking with high efficiency fryers, we are making considerable savings".

Calum Richardson - The Bay

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