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Who are the NFFF?

The NFFF is a trade organisation representing the fish and chip industry. First established in 1913, throughout its long history the NFFF has worked towards protecting and promoting the interests of the UK’s fish friers. Still today, we are the only national organisation that can speak and act on behalf of fish friers, and the views of the NFFF are sought throughout the catering and associated industries, as well as by local and central Government agencies and authorities.

Our mission statement is “Our aim is to unite all fish friers within an organization which can speak with one voice whenever and wherever necessary, promoting and protecting the interests of fish and chip businesses and associated trades.” Our current key objectives are to bring the fish and chip industry together to promote the ‘Fish and Chip brand’, retain its profile as the UK’s No. 1 takeaway meal and ensure its sustainability for future generations.

Fish Friers

How do the NFFF work?

Our structure

Officials and Regional Directors make up the NFFF board of Directors, they are all active fish friers, NFFF members and are elected annually into office at the AGM. We have Regional Directors appointed to represent Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all counties in England. Their role is to provide fellow fish friers with practical advice and support on any aspect of running a successful fish and chip shop, and also to represent their region at a national level on a wide range of issues.

This is all backed up and supported by the NFFF head office which consists of a team of administrators who cover all areas of the business. A nominated NFFF Officer represents fish friers at meetings with Seafish, AHDB, Food Standards Agency (FSA), DEFRA, Prince’s Trust International Sustainability Unit, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Frozen At Sea Fillets Association (FASFA), National Edible Oils Distribution Association (NEODA), Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) and many other Government and trade bodies. The NFFF is recognised as the only national organisation that can speak and act on behalf of fish friers.

Fish FriersFish Friers

Current Officials and
Regional Directors


Mr Andrew Crook – NFFF President
Ms Caroline Murphy – Acting NFFF Vice President
Miss Lesley Graves – Acting NFFF Treasurer

Mr Craig Buckley – NFFF Regional Director for England
Miss Lesley Graves – NFFF Regional Director for England
Mr David Miller – NFFF Regional Director for England
Mr Hugh Mantle – NFFF Regional Director for England

Mr John Penaluna – NFFF Regional Director for Wales
Mr Stuart Devine – NFFF Regional Director for Scotland
Mr Malachy Mallon – NFFF Regional Director for Northern Ireland


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If you would like to attend the NFFF AGM please contact NFFF Head Office on



Fish Friers

Fish Friers
Fish Friers