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Please find below a list of common questions asked by potential, new and existing NFFF Quality Accreditation holders. If you're struggling to find the answer, please get in touch with the NFFF Head Office on 0113 230 7044 or email

Fish Friers

It can be as soon as you feel ready.  We would advise that you check through the NFFF Quality Accreditation Guidelines to ensure you can tick off every point within the scheme. Once you are confident you can pass the assessment, we would then advise you to complete the online application form in together with the payment and a mutually agreed date and time will be arranged with the assessor for the zoom, facetime, Microsoft teams discussion be arranged with the assessor.

The assessor will review the online application that you have submitted.  They will then contact you to arrange an online discussion via either Zoom, Facetime or Microsoft teams to go through your application and discuss anything further that they may require you to provide or show them whilst the online discussion is in progress.

The assessor will give you some feedback immediately after the inspection, but you will need to wait a few days for the full report and the assessment results. The assessors report is audited by a member of the NFFF audit team and within 10 working days you will receive a fully audited written report showing whether you have passed or whether you need to improve on any areas first.

Yes, you can use the NFFF Quality Accreditation logo on any marketing material if you pass your inspection, in line with the conditions agreed on the terms and conditions of use. We encourage all Quality Accreditation holders to maximise the logo use and to promote the NFFF Quality Accreditation and the fact that they have successfully achieved these industry standards.

For groups of three or more shops we can offer a discounted multiple package, providing all the shops are of the same standard and follow the same operating procedures. Please ask us for details.

We recommend that you are present for your available for the online inspection with the assessor , however if you are unable to be there then you can nominate another responsible person. The scheme certification is awarded to the shop owner and the premises, as the owner has overall control.

The accreditation is valid for one year from the date of the qualifying assessment. To remain in the scheme and continue to use the logo after 12 months you would need to send in a fresh application and have a new assessment.

Shops are notified that renewal is due two months prior to the 12 months lapsing (to enable a fresh assessment to be arranged and carried out, before existing membership runs out). Once payment is received an online discussion will be carried out within 10 working days of receipt of payment.

If for any reason the Quality Accreditation is not renewed after the year we would need to ask you to remove all reference to the Quality Accreditation. This includes the logo from menus, uniforms, signage etc. 

Fish Friers
Fish Friers