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Fish Friers

The fish friers review,
dedicated to the fish frying trade

Fish Friers

Written by fish friers for fish friers - The Fish Friers Review is the original magazine for the trade. First published in 1925, it is the official journal of the NFFF and the only magazine dedicated to the fish frying trade.

Circulated 8 times a year to fish friers up an down the country and across the world, The Fish Friers Review keeps readers informed about the latest news from the fish frying trade along with information about the NFFF and the work we do to protect and promote
the trade.

Packed full of the latest information, legislation and news and views that you and your business need to be aware of, the magazine features:

Fish Friers
  • Articles and features from leading industry figures.
  • Latest trade news.
  • Special features on shops, products and equipment.
  • Useful contact numbers.
  • Members classified advertising section.
  • Reports and news on the NFFF.
  • Commodity reports.
  • Special offers from NFFF Associate members and leading Industry suppliers.
Fish Friers

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Fish Friers

Fish Friers
Fish Friers