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Why become involved in the young friers group

The Young Friers Group is a social network created in conjunction with the NFFF to help young people in the fish and chip trade get together, share ideas and raise standards across the country.

The group came about through the friendships formed between entrants of the Drywite/NFFF Young Fish Frier of the Year competition and has continued to grow from there.

The group is led by a committee made up of the founder members, many of whom are now Trainers at the NFFF Training Academy and are all brilliant examples of young people who are enjoying a successful and rewarding career owning, managing and working in the fish frying trade.

Industry Visits

The group has grown to over sixty members in its first year, with visits to some of the industry's leading shops and factories.

Visits so far have included:

Fish Friers
  • Drywite Ltd - A behind the scenes look at one of the biggest supporters of fish and chips
  • Colman's of South Shields - Multi-award winning shop and restaurant, leading the way in sustainable sourcing.
  • North Shields Fish Market and Larry's Fish Cakes - An early start to see the whole process from bartering at the fish market to the finished product.
  • QBTEC/KFE factory in Amsterdam - An overseas visit to see how one of the industry's leading range manufacturers operate.
  • Royal Fisheries and Quayside, Whitby - Multi Award Winning businesses operating at the highest standard.
Fish FriersFish Friers

Raising Standards

The Young Friers Group also hold best practice workshops at the NFFF Training School in Leeds to try and pass on their skills and knowledge to those wishing to learn more about how best to operate a fish and chip shop. We are hoping to develop this further with workshops on sustainable sourcing and Industry specific qualifications, administered by the NFFF.

See the picture gallery of a previous workshop.

We need you!

The Young Friers Group is committed to developing the future of the fish and chips through sharing ideas and skills while learning more about the industry. If you are a Young Frier or you employ a Young Frier and are wanting to get ahead in this fantastic trade then why not get involved?

The group is open to anyone working in the industry aged between 16-25 years old and to get involved simply send us your details via this form and you will be added to the mailing list for future events.

For more information please visit our young friers website.


so many benefits to being an nfff member, friendly helpful people

Arron Cole, Saltys Fish and Chips

Fish Friers

Fish Friers
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