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Quite simple, just visit our Join Today tab in the Join Us section on the website and you can join online. If you would prefer to talk over the phone, the NFFF Head Office would be happy to talk to you and sign you up. So give us a call on 0113 230 7044 and you could be a member of the NFFF in less than 10 minutes with immediate access to all the benefits.

We have three key types of membership:

Provisional membership – is for people joining the trade who don’t yet have a financial interest in a fish and chip shop. It’s a way of giving access to NFFF advice and support services to help get a new business off the ground. Provisional membership is only available for up to six months.

Full membership (based on number of shops) – is for anyone with a financial interest in a fish and chip shop. A partner can be added as a Dual member against the same account. So, if you own or have a financial interest in a fish and chip shop you can join up today and receive all the benefits the NFFF has to offer.

Associate membership – is for businesses that provide products or services to fish and chip shops. Associate membership offers a fantastic opportunity to become involved with the industry and to showcase your products to 10,500 fish and chip businesses across the UK. Associate membership is subject to approval by the NFFF Board of Directors. For more information visit our Associate Membership page click here.

The NFFF is the only organisation that looks after the interests of the fish and chip industry and membership fees help to ensure that the voice of the fish frier is heard. We do this through dealing with government departments and collaboration with other organisations to help shape the legislation that directly affects your business. We also deal with local, national and international media organisations to represent the fish and chip industry, deflecting adverse issues and promoting the positive – protecting the fish and chip brand.

The NFFF also chair the fish and chip industry Strategic Meetings, which are regularly held with key industry suppliers and stakeholders in order to pull together all the support available to push the fish frying industry forward.

We represent fish and chips on many other industry boards, ensuring that we have a voice when the decisions are made that will affect you and your business.

If you are a paying NFFF member you are able to display the NFFF logo.

To access and download the logo, you’ll need to log in with your member number and password and visit our download area. Remember, once downloaded to save to your PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone, or other devices.

You can find your membership number on your membership card or certificate, or on your renewal documents. If you are away from all three items please call the NFFF Head Office on 0113 230 7044.

Information on how to access the zone is included in your new membership or renewal pack. If at any time you lose or forget your password, don’t worry, you can easily reset it by visiting click the 'Login' button and then the ‘forgotten password’ link under the login box.

You’ll be directed to the ‘forgotten password’ page where you’ll need to enter your membership number and primary postcode. Once entered, an email with a one use 48 hour expiry password reset link will be sent to the email address you registered with.

You then need to click the link when prompted to assign a new password.

Once a password has been generated, you’ll receive a confirmation email confirming that the password has been changed.

NFFF members can access the NFFF employment and legal advice line at any time. The tax advice line is available 9am - 5pm weekdays and this includes tax protection insurance.

Please have your membership number and scheme number on hand when calling.  These can be found on your membership card or by logging into the NFFF members zone.

Fish Friers
Fish Friers
Fish Friers