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The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) is the official body that represents the fish and chip industry, protects the interests of fish friers and their businesses, and promotes the fish and chip brand. It’s an organisation run by fish friers, for fish friers - and to our members, we’re the 5th emergency service!

The NFFF is the only organisation that looks after the interests of the fish and chip industry and membership fees help to ensure that the voice of the fish frier is heard. We do this through dealing with government departments and collaboration with other organisations to help shape the legislation that directly affects your business. We also deal with local, national and international media organisations to represent the fish and chip industry, deflecting adverse issues and promoting the positive – protecting the fish and chip brand.

The NFFF offer direct support for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether its technical support and advice on fish and potato stocks to our exclusive NFFF Employment Law, Health and Safety and Tax cover.

We are committed to working for you and on a national level to help protect and promote the fish and chip industry. If you have an issue, we will fight your corner.

What does it cost?

NFFF Membership is cheaper than you think. In fact a single shop membership costs £204.06 (inc VAT) a year – that’s £3.92 a week - less than the price of half a bag of potatoes – or one fish! If you were to buy just some of the employment, tax and legal cover we provide included in the membership fee, this alone could cost you more than £150 a month.

If you want to put more than one shop on cover or to add a partner (with a shared financial interest) so they can access our services (dual membership) you can do that at a reduced membership rate. All of the membership prices are shown on the attached payment sheet, but just ring us if you’re unsure what level of membership is best for you.

We offer several different Membership types based principally
on the size of your establishment, these are as follows...

Number of Shops Membership Type Cost
 x 1 Shop Single-Shop Membership (1 Shop) £170.05 + VAT
 x 2-4 Shops Small Multi-Shop Membership (2 - 4 Shops) £255.08 + VAT
 x 5-9 Shops Medium Multi-Shop Membership (5 - 9 Shops) £463.69 + VAT
 x 10+ Shops Large Multi-Shop Membership (10+ Shops) £63.23 + VAT Per Shop
Dual Membership £35.52 + VAT

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what our members say

"I could not have started my own business without the training and ongoing support from the NFFF, it’s comforting to know they are always a phone call away for any help or advice I need. In my opinion an invaluable service."

Jeff and Laura, Laura’s Fish Bar

"Been a member on the NFFF has been the best money spent since we decided to enter the fish and chip industry, from the 3 day training course all the way to purchasing our shop the federation have helped with their advice along the way and now we have our first premises we are contacting them more than ever , from basics to putting us in contact with the right people from affiliate associations.

For anyone who is serious about entering the trade, I would recommend the membership it is a great safety net."

Mark Kitwood, Excelsior Fisheries

“The NFFF have been invaluable to me as a total novice in this industry. They made me feel really welcome and part of a real family. When we had a major fire they were on the phone immediately offering help & advice, I cannot praise them enough. I would say anyone who is serious about the industry should not think twice about membership.”

Lorraine Arnold, Paignton Pier Chippy


The NFFF made me feel really welcome and part of a real family

Lorraine Arnold, Paignton Pier Chippy

Fish Friers

Need help or would like to talk to someone?

If you need help or would like to join the NFFF today over the phone you can by simply call the NFFF Head Office today on 0113 230 7044. Joining the NFFF has never been easier!

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