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Your Business Requirements - Time to Evaluate and Evolve

Article Date: 2020-05-12

Article written by Particularly Good Potatoes

Nobody can argue that Covid-19 has caused a level of disruption rarely seen in this country, or indeed the world.  It has separated families, halted businesses and turned our every-day lives upside down.  If you were to grant people three wishes in this weird and wacky time, their first response might well be to stay healthy and their second that a vaccine might be found as soon as possible.  We are willing to bet that their final wish would be to ‘get back to normal’. 

People are craving the ordinary routines of six months ago – a special birthday meal, a trip to the pub, fish and chips on a Friday night.  All of these simple activities once signified the weekend and relaxation, time out with friends and family.  This is what we wish to get back to and the key is for all of us to be ready to act as soon as we are given the go-ahead by the government; to be the first little bit of hope that we are all going to be okay.

It looks like social distancing will be around for quite some time and so, in terms of providing the public with their favourite meals, changes will need to be made.   Restrictions will cut back on the number of staff allowed in kitchens in order to reduce risk, but there may be a solution in the form of pre-prepped chips.  This present pause may prove to be a fantastic opportunity for shops to assess their current business practises and plan their evolutionary future.   Pre-prepped fresh chips could provide the easy answer to enforced staff reductions - no rumbling, no peeling, no chipping, just frying – whilst also allowing establishments to streamline routines, decrease production of effluent and consolidate their time management.

At Particularly Good Ltd, a Northumbrian farm to factory establishment in Wooler, the potatoes are in store, the machinery and workforce are ready to start producing and the public are all eager to eat professionally cooked chips again.   The range of products include fresh chips in a variety of sizes, skins on or off, all vacuum packed, with a shelf-life of seven days, and are delivered directly to the customer’s door.   In the year that they have been trading, PGL have concentrated on building a strong brand and a reputation for quality potatoes – and they really like to make chips. Now all we would like to do is to resume supplying their customers in the North-east, both old and new, with the product they require. 

For further information on Particularly Good Potatoes and how to contact us, please visit – or call 01668 281090. 

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