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UK’s best fish and chip shop uses platform to highlight importance of sustainable fishing!

Article Date: 2018-06-07

Millers Fish & Chips is celebrating its sustainable fish and chip menu this World Oceans Day by reminding customers that the fish sold has been responsibly caught using sustainable methods.

Miller’s Fish and Chips was officially named the UK’s best fish and chip shop this year at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2018. They proudly display the blue fish label on their menus alongside a coveted sustainable fish certificate from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a NGO that sets a standard for sustainable fishing around the world.

Miller’s is extremely passionate about responsible sourcing and has a responsibility to promote the importance of sustainable methods. The vast majority of the fish sold in Miller’s is line caught and frozen at sea, supplied by the Norwegian MS Leinebris fishing vessel to the highest possible standards.

Miller’s commitment to their supply chain has seen the family visit the vessel in Norway twice, to learn more about the sourcing methods used by the vessel. As a fourth-generation family-run fish and chip shop, Miller’s story deeply resonated with the Leinebø family. As fifth generation fishermen, they are passionate about longline fisheries and the fresh frozen at sea (FAS) concept that ensures a quality and consistency of the highest standard.

The annual event of World Oceans Day is run by the United Nations and is a time to remember we are all connected to the oceans no matter where we live, no matter how far from the coast.

Some people might think: ^what has my local chippie got to do with the ocean?^ People forget that the wild-caught fish come from the ocean and fishing stocks need careful management if we are all to keep enjoying them. 

More than three quarters (77%) of fish and chip fans believe that all of the UK’s fish and chip shops should serve certified sustainable fish. Even though most of us prefer to go to a local chippie, over a third (39%) of us would travel further to find certified sustainable fish and chips.

Nick Miller, who co-owns Miller’s Fish and Chips with his father, David, says: 

"Sustainability is very important and we can’t afford any more scares about fishing stocks being depleted. We need to protect the future of our oceans. It’s literally what our business and this industry is built on. We’re proud to work alongside our industry partners and other fish & chip shops to promote the importance of responsible sourcing, as well as working with the MSC to visit local schools and educate the next generation about the importance of protecting our ocean for the future.”

“We only serve MSC certified haddock, cod and hake. Customers have a right to know where their fish has come from, where it was caught, and how it was caught. Our MSC accreditation allows us to tell them that.”

Loren Hiller, Commercial Officer at the Marine Stewardship Council says: 

"If there^s no fish, there^s no fish and chips! Currently, a third of the world^s ocean is overfished, so it^s great to see local fish and chip shops around the country put sustainable seafood on its menu. Every time you choose or recommend the MSC blue fish label, you’re ensuring plenty of more fish suppers for today and future generations.”

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