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UK and Greenland strengthen cooperation on fisheries

Article Date: 2020-11-10

Memorandum of Understanding follows recent agreements with Norway and the Faroe Islands

The UK has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Greenland to boost cooperation on fisheries matters.

It signals another step forward as the UK prepares to leave the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy at the end of December. The UK and Greenland both have a long history as fishing nations and the agreement will enable the countries to cooperate on a range of issues, including fisheries management, processing, research, marketing and distribution.

The MoU, which follows the recent agreement with Norway and the agreement with Faroe Islands, will come into effect on 1 January 2021. It was signed via video conference by Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis and Greenlandic Minister of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture Jens Immanuelsen.

Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis said: “The UK and Greenland both have a proud history as outward-looking countries who have benefited from the wealth of our seas. I thank Greenland for their constructive approach to these negotiations.

“As we regain our position as an independent coastal state, we are committed to working with our North-East Atlantic neighbours, like Greenland, for the benefit of our fishing industries and our marine environment.”

Greenland’s Minister of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture Jens Immanuelsen said: “I am very pleased that I can sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Greenland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland today.

“It is an important step in developing our relations. I am looking forward to developing the cooperation within areas such as fisheries management, science and hopefully between our industries. It is my belief that our signature today will be the first step towards a strong partnership between Greenland and the United Kingdom.”

The UK and Greenland have agreed to work through the Fisheries Dialogue to support bilateral cooperation at international fisheries meetings, which provide a space for coastal states to meet and discuss the management of shared fish stocks based on the latest scientific advice.

In the agreement, the UK and Greenland also recognise the need to promote responsible fisheries to ensure the long-term conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, and endeavour to use a science-based approach to fisheries and aquaculture management in order to minimise the impacts on the marine environment.

Fish Friers