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The Potato Council^s TV work

Article Date: 2013-07-30

The Potato Council was delighted to see their work with BBC^s ^Britain^s Favourite Supermarkets Foods^ aired on TV last week. They regularly work with production companies on the development of new TV programmes and pitch ideas to get a strong potato message across. Coverage has long lead times and it has been a year since they worked with the show! The segment last week used a lot of the information from their ^wonderfuel^ campaign – quoting information about potassium, fibre and other nutrients. A great piece of coverage for potatoes can be viewed on iPlayer, starting at 21 minutes in.

It has been good to see Co-op using the health messaging from their TV advert, with stickers promoting the new season crop. They^ve also had the research back on the impact of the TV advert which shows 95% of those who saw it now think potatoes are healthy, compared to 83% of those who did not – that^s a massive 12% shift or nearly 1 million shoppers.

Potatoes are sustainable as well as healthy. A new piece of research done by Cranfield University compares them to our two major competitors – rice and pasta – looking at GHGE and water. There is a chance to see the work presented and ask questions on Wednesday 21st August at Stoneleigh Park. Email to reserve a place. 

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