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The first MSC certified sustainable canned tuna to enter UK Foodservice

Article Date: 2015-11-25

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is proud to announce that Caterer’s Choice, a leading importer and supplier of canned goods to the UK, is the first to introduce MSC certified sustainable canned tuna to the UK’s Foodservice sector.

The product, 1.7kg can of MSC certified ‘Fairer Fish’ Skipjack Tuna in brine is available from Caterers Choice, and is celebrated as being unique to foodservice, being the very first in the UK to make this popular MSC certified fish available in a can to a number of large foodservice caterers, wholesalers, schools and LEA’s.

The MSC certified ‘Fairer Fish’ canned tuna uses only MSC certified Skipjack tuna caught in the PNA region of the Western Central Pacific Ocean.


The canned MSC tuna is currentlyavailable at a number of suppliers, includingchain of custody certified suppliers Brakes, and KFF. The ‘Fairer Fish’ brand tuna is clearly marked with the recognisable blue ecolabel and is creating interest amongst other contract caterers who are already committed to support the MSC and have chain of custody certification.

Caterers Choice revealed they are delighted that Oldham LEA, (also with MSC chain of custody certification) are taking the certified canned tuna and that they’re in discussion with a number of other LEA’s too.


Response from UK Foodservice so far suggest Caterers Choice expect high demand for the foodservice-first certified cans of ‘Fairer Fish’ tuna. This new MSC tuna product, offers caterers the benefit of this popular, nutritious and versatile fish which is reassuringly sustainable and can be traced back to certified fisheries.


Steve Farmiloe, Senior Trading Manager for Caterers Choice is pleased to announce the availability of this new MSC certified product:

‘We’re delighted to launch Fairer Fish, a new brand focused on sustainable tuna for the UK foodservice and manufacturing markets. Whilst pole and line has been widely available in these markets for some time, MSC certified tuna has been expensive and limited in availability. Our MSC certified Skipjack tuna is caught and packed in the PNA region of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. The core values of this range are to improve the sustainability of this fishery, help protect the natural ecosystem and provide a fairer return to the people within the region.’


George Clark, MSC UK Commercial Manager, was equally very pleased with the launch and widespread availability of the first certified sustainable canned tuna for UK Foodservice.

‘This is fantastic news for the UK foodservice! It now makes it so much easier for caterers with chain of custody certification to use and promote MSC sustainable tuna on their menus or their range of dishes. MSC certified ‘Fairer Fish’ tuna appears to be gaining plenty of interest throughout the foodservice too.

The range of species and formats available that are MSC certified are steadily increasing, giving all caterers even more opportunity to get certified and offer demonstrably sustainable and traceable fish.’

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