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The Bay named runner up for top Grampian Food Forum Innovation Award!

Article Date: 2015-03-23

Calum Richardson, owner/chef at The Bay Fish & Chips is delighted that they reached the final with their own brand of batter:

"I am completely honoured that our very own premium batter mix has been recognised at this level. To reach the final of the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards is a massive achievement. Our bespoke batter is accessible, delicious and free of any additives or artificial colourings. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with our batter and can’t wait to explore new opportunities with it.”

The Bay Fish & Chips is already a market leader when it comes to sustainability, provenance and environmentally friendly business practice.Calum^s high standards in all areas of his business meant that in 2013, The Bay was the overall winner of the National Fish & Chip Awards. The Bay is also rated as one of the most highly achieving restaurants in the UK by the Sustainable Restaurant Association achieving Three Star Sustainability Champion status.

Fish Friers