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Shops signing up for LoSalt initiative

Article Date: 2014-08-04

Record numbers of chip shops offer a reduced sodium option

• More LoSalt GoLo trial kits available – sign up now
• Participating fish and chip shops can reorder

A record number of 340 fish and chip shops have signed up to be ambassadors for the GoLo healthier eating initiative from LoSalt; and the salt brand is calling on more chip shops to get involved.
With people in the UK eating too much salt, the GoLo scheme offers fish and chip shops a unique opportunity to trial LoSalt as a healthier alternative to regular salt. Ambassadors receive a free kit worth £20 each, containing a 3kg drum of LoSalt, a branded five hole shaker, LoSalt sample sachets and educational leaflets, and supporting point of sale material such as posters, badges and wobblers. LoSalt delivers the same flavour as regular salt, but contains 66 per cent less sodium.

To date, the initiative has been covered extensively in the media, with more than 40 items of coverage including the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and BBC Radio 2. Participating chip shops have been able to benefit from the publicity and many have been interviewed in local and national media.
All participating fish and chip shops appear on the LoSalt website as part of an interactive map, so customers can find a fish and chip shop offering LoSalt local to them. A fish and chip shop of the month will also be profiled on the website to provide further promotion.
Participating fish and chip shops are already starting to re-order more LoSalt, and those who would like to do so can contact LoSalt directly for more information.

Stuart Fusco from award winning Quayside Whitby said: "We signed up because we wanted to give our customers a healthier option. The initiative has been extremely successful and the LoSalt very well received, we still have customers reaching for LoSalt instead of regular salt now.”
Blair Butler from The Boundary added: "We think it’s important that the sector is seen to be offering people healthier options and this is an ideal way to do it.  We have been interviewed on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about offering LoSalt so there is clearly public interest in this.”

Caroline Klinge Sales and Marketing Manager at LoSalt commented: "This is the first time a reduced sodium option has been offered on this scale and we’re delighted with the response from both the fish and ship shop sector and also the general public. We’d like to encourage as many fish and chip shops as possible to get involved. Sign up now to become a GoLo ambassador and if you’ve already taken part and would like to re-order more LoSalt give us a call.”

A portion of fish and chips can contain 5g of salt which is 2g of sodium[i]; this is more than 80 per cent of the maximum daily allowance of 6g for salt and 2.4g for sodium. By swapping regular salt for LoSalt on their chips, customers can reduce the amount of sodium by two thirds to 0.67g of sodium. Independent tests[ii] showed that chip shop customers cannot tell the difference between LoSalt and regular salt.
There are still free GoLo kits up for grabs and they are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

To become a GoLo ambassador and order a free trial of LoSalt and point of sale kit, chip shops can register at  or contact Laura Collins at Ceres on 01189 475956 or email to order a kit. 

If you are already a GoLo ambassador and would like to reorder another 3kg drum of LoSalt, call Fiona Young at LoSalt on 013552 38464.

LoSalt is the UK’s leading reduced sodium salt containing 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts. LoSalt offers all the great taste of salt and is a completely natural product.

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