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Shap Chippy Big In Belgium!

Article Date: 2015-05-20

The award-winning Shap Chippy is now big in Belgium. There is no new Shap Chippy shop there but a 30 foot high photo of owner Georgina Perkins salting a freshly fried piece of cod appeared at Seafood Expo Global, the world’s largest seafood event held recently in Brussels

In 2013 before opening Shap Chippy Georgina had met Sturlaugur Haraldsson, Vice President of Ocean Trawlers Europe Ltd and asked him about sustainable seafoodand stock levels of fish used in the fish and chip industry."Sturri was very happy to talk to me about responsible fishing and I learned a lot from him” said Georgina.

In January when Shap Chippy won the coveted "Best Newcomer” at the UK Fish and Chip Awards Sturlaugur Haraldsson recognised Georgina at the awards ceremony in London. He made a point of seeking her and co-owner Jo Hampson out after the ceremony for a photograph.

In spite of being a global company Ocean Trawlers decided on using real people for their marketing display at the Seafood Expo in Belgium. Sturri Haraldsson said "The idea with our stand was to show one of our fisherman and a customer just to show our chain from catch to plate. We are very proud that such a successful restaurant as Shap Chippy is amongst our customers. The image is huge but it is really good and a lot of people gave use positive comments on it.” Georgina said "I was very pleased when they asked if they could take photos at Shap Chippy but I was shocked when I realised how big the picture of me was - maybe Kate Moss wasn’t available!”

Shap Chippy fry cod and haddock from Atlantika – the premium brand from Ocean Trawlers. "All the fish we use is caught in the icy waters of the north Atlantic and has the Marine Stewardship Council seal of approval to show it comes from a sustainable source which is very important to us. It is also top quality, which is vital!” said Jo Hampson.

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