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Fish Friers

Salt of the Earth - Fish on a Plate

Article Date: 2014-11-19

National charity, the Fishermen’s Mission, in collaboration with David and Jan Penprase, have produced a stunning ‘coffee table’ book full of wonderful images and tales from the families, businesses and fishermen from Newlyn in Cornwall.


David and Jan Penprase worked together commercially for over 30 years before retiring seven years ago. They have published six photographic books of their work. The recipients of a number of awards, they have also lectured nationally and internationally.


A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, David is Chairman of the Professional and Applied Distinctions Panel and a judge on the Visual Arts Distinctions Panel. He has work within the Tyng Collection of the RPS.


The book is dedicated to the fishermen who have given their lives, paying the true price of the fish on our plates and the families they have left behind.


Everyone, including the authors, involved in the compilation of the book did so without payment, enabling all profits to go to the Fishermen’s Mission and their work in Cornwall.


The Fishermen’s Mission is the only charity that works solely with fishermen and their families and provides this vital lifeline of support around the whole of the coastline of the UK.


Following the winter storms of 2013/14 the Fishermen’s Mission distributed £350,000 to more than 650 fishermen and their families. Many hundreds of those fishermen live in the Cornwall area.


This beautiful book is a fascinating insight into the history, lives and families of a Cornwall fishing community.

Fish Friers