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Fish Friers

Papadopoulos & Sons film

Article Date: 2013-04-04

Bookings for the UK screening of Papadopoulos & Sons is now live. From Friday 5th April… for one week only! 

The film centres around a Greek-Cypriot family opening a fish and chip shop. 

Book now for London Wood Green, Enfield, Shaftesbury Avenue, Wandsworth… Brighton… Birmingham… Nottingham… Cardiff… Manchester (Ashton-under-Lyne)… Liverpool… Bradford… Bolton… Glasgow…

Some shows are already selling out in Enfield for Friday and Shaftesbury Avenue for Saturday. We’ve been upgraded to their largest screens there.

Something is happening with this film and you are part of this very un-Hollywood, people-led film about a sweet, gentle story of a family coming together during an economic crisis. 

For a "behind the scenes look", check out: 

Enjoy the film!

Fish Friers