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Out Now - Issue 2 of the Fish Friers Review

Article Date: 2019-04-01

First published in 1925, the Fish Friers Review is the official journal of the NFFF and the fish and chip industry, we welcome you to issue 2!

We cover the length of Britain as we talk to two NFFF members, one in the North at the ‘Gateway to the beautiful Scottish Highlands’, and another in the South near the golden sandy beaches of the ‘English Riviera’ in Paignton.

We catch up with NFFF Member Sarah Heward from the Real Food Café up in Tyndrum, Perthshire as she discusses her journey within the fish and chip industry which has seen the Real Food Café overcome tragedy, fraud and vandalism to emerge as one of Scotland’s most successful roadside diners famous for its fish and chips.

Lorraine Arnold from Paignton Pier Chippy in Paignton, Devon discusses her journey so far in fish and chips. Readers of the Fish Friers Review will remember Lorraine from issue 6 in 2018 as she discussed a devastating fire that ripped through her shop. Today Lorraine and Paignton Pier Chippy have moved on and have seen the shop named the Best Newcomer to the industry at the National Fish and Chip Awards.

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