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Fish Friers

No Better Plaice

Article Date: 2015-02-13

Freddie Flintoff hits the road in a bright green fish and chip van to film his new show, Lord of the Fries
If there^s one thing that Andrew Flintoff likes, then it^s a good portion of fish and chips.
And so it^s no surprise that the cricketer is over the moon about his latest adventure, which will see him travel the length and breadth of Britain and Ireland selling his favourite meal to hungry passers-by.
In line with his childhood dream to own a chip shop, Sky1 has given the former England star his very own mobile version to drive around in for his new show, Flintoff: Lord Of The Fries.

Starting at a chip shop on the very Lancastrian estate that the 36-year-old grew up on, the programme will follow Freddie and his lime green van as they visit some of the most loved attractions, including the Yorkshire resort of Whitby, and Northern Ireland^s Giant^s Causeway.

While some of their other stops - such as the mud flats of Essex and the most picturesque motorway services - will be a bit more off beat.

Making it even more of an adventure, the mobile fish bar will be eco-friendly, powered by the same kind of fat that fries the food.

The series, which is due to air in January, will see the father-of-three reunite with his Flintoff^s Road To Nowhere co-star, cycling eco enthusiast Rob Penn, who joined him for a mammoth cycle across the Amazon.

The pair called into Manchester^s Emirates Old Trafford stadium - the home of Freddie^s team - on Tuesday so serve up some battered delights.
^Cooking fish and chips at Old Trafford this evening if you fancy some with a pint and music @BumbleCricket !!^ the excited sportsman tweeted.

According to to MEN, they^ve also been spotted touting for business outside the city^s posh Lowry Hotel.
Discussing his passion for fried goodness, Freddie said: ^Fish and Chips have always been one of my biggest vices believe it or not so I^m glad that Sky1 have given me the chance to go on my very own Fish n^ Chip adventure. ^Rob and I had a once in a lifetime experience cycling through the Amazon so I^m hoping this chip shop van journey will be just as much fun but maybe a little less sore!^

Fish Friers