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NFFF Release Potato Crisis Factsheet

Article Date: 2013-04-24

As potato prices rocket and this year looking like being the most expensive year on record, many fish and chip shops may be forced to increase their prices to survive. 

We are monitoring the situation closely. We are in uncharted territory and nobody can predict how high prices are going to go.

To try and help convey the crisis to your customers we have produced a notice for you to print and display in your shops. We hope using this sheet will show your customers that it is a genuine crisis and not just individual shops profiteering. 

To download your copy click HERE

To help manage the situation in your shop you can take the following steps:


Reduce peeling times and eyeing. Use Drywite to reduce waste. Watch your portion sizes. If your till allows, monitor the number of portions each shift is getting from the weight of potatoes used. Buy good quality potatoes if possible - cheaper potatoes can yield fewer chips. Use packaging to control portions. Fry in smaller batches and do not get too far in front. Put on meal deals with smaller portions of chips.


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