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New Better Business Training Workshops available from the NFFF!

Article Date: 2019-11-21

Our new Better Business Training Workshops are designed for fish and chip shop owners who looking to fine tune certain areas within their businesses. Do you need assistance with your fish cutting or would like to learn if you are chipping away your profits with potato wastage, these workshops are perfect for you.

The three new workshops on offer are;

  • Fish Cutting made simple
  • Chip away for a better profit
  • Batter up the profits

Fish Cutting made simple – covers:

  • Looking at ways of cutting fish to reduce waste.
  • Cut fish to demonstrate good portion control.
  • Utilise fish trimmings to gain maximum profits.

Chip away for a better profit - covers:

  • Look at different types of potatoes available for chips.
  • Look at the advantages/ disadvantages of potatoes to chips.
  • Look at advantages/disadvantages of Pre prep chips.
  • Fry the perfect chip.

Batter up the profits - covers:

  • Produce the perfect batter.
  • Look at the different types of batter available.
  • Look at the different brands of batter.

These courses will be available on set dates, so please ring the NFFF for further details.  The cost of each workshop is £80.00+VAT per person for NFFF Members and £100.00+VAT per person for Non NFFF Members based on a 3-hour session per workshop.

As these workshops are expected to be very popular, we recommend booking on them as soon as possible.

Full payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

To register your interest please contact or call 0113 230 7044.



‘After 16 years doing what we do, I wasn’t entirely convinced I would get a great deal out of the single day training course. I was wrong! We get into a routine of doing the same thing day in and out and with the time pressure of service approaching we tend not to be able to experiment.

The NFFF kitchen is amazingly well equipped and gave us the opportunity to try different techniques and approaches to the end goal of cooking amazing fish and chips. David (Miller) is a great guy, humorous, enormously experienced and made us strip back what we were doing and look at the underlying reasons why we do it. I am now also a convert to twice fried chips and now with the correct technique, we can produce a better product with much less waste.

After the course, my gears were turning all the way back in the car and couldn’t wait to get back to the shop and make some small changes that has had a major impact on the business. We have eliminated the use of rice cones and implemented some procedures for speeding up the batter making. We also have introduced some procedures in the potato prep room that increases our speed, gets a much better yield and most of all, saves money. We are 8 sacks a week better off, after 3 weeks that small change alone has paid for the course’. - David Nicolaou, Auckley Friery

‘I had an excellent day training at the NFFF. I was pleasantly surprised with the high spec facilities they have, and it was ran in a professional manner. 

 Undertaking the 1-day course with David Miller, opened my eyes to how much raw product I was wasting and therefore literally throwing money in the bin. Since the course, I have made changes to how I portion and weigh each bit of fish and I have drastically reduced my fish bill’. - Drosos Joannou, John Dory's Quorn

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