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National Minimum Wage rate increase

Article Date: 2013-09-30

From tomorrow (Tuesday 1st October), the National Minimum Wage rate will change. The rate for those 21 years of age or over will increase from £6.19 per hour to £6.31 per hour.


Please see below the new rates:


From 1st October:

21 and over - £6.31

18 to 20 - £5.03

 Under 18 - £3.72

Apprentice* - £2.68

* This rate is for apprentices under 19 or those in their first year. If you’re 19 or over and past your first year you get the rate that applies to your age.

The rates depend on your age and whether you^re an apprentice. You must be of school leaving age to be entitled to it.
Please see the link below which gives information on who is entitlted to to the National Minimum Wage rate:

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