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Fish Friers

Lobster now on at The Fish House in Fleetwood

Article Date: 2014-08-13

Fancy something extra special with your chips this weekend?

You might be a big fan of the traditional cod and chips, or maybe even push the boat out once in a while and go for scampi. But how about something a bit more special next time you pop down to the chippy?
The Fish House in Fleetwood has introduced locally caught lobster to it’s menu this summer in a bid to give their customers something a little different and much more exciting.

"We wanted to offer something that nobody else did.” explains Chris Richardson, owner of The Fish House on Dock Street. "I knew there were lobster to be caught in the waters round here so decided to have a go.”

Chris heads out on local Cobbler Boat the ‘Mark Oakley’ a couple of times a month to check on the special Swankie Creels lobster pots. The new style pots are made in East Scotland and are incredibly well made - designed to withstand choppy waters, and perfect for the area around Fleetwood and the Irish Sea.

"We’re averaging around 3 or 4 keepers per pot - but the juveniles must go back.” Says Chris, "We quickly and safely return them to the sea bed to live out the rest of their days, maintain strong stocks in our waters, and of course a livelihood for all local lobster-men in the future.”


The Fish House holds an MSC certificate from the Marine Stewardship Council, and is the only fish and chip shop and restaurant in Lancashire to be awarded such an honour. The Marine Stewardship Council aims to encourage sustainable fishing practices and recognizes those to who supply fully traceable fish to customers.

Peak lobster season is between mid-July and late-September so right now is the best time to get yourself down to The Fish House, Fleetwood to try their local delicacy for yourself! Grilled in parsley butter and finished with lemon juice. Your trip to the chip shop has just been upgraded!

Visit The Fish House in Fleetwood at 172-180 Dock Street, FY7 6JB or call the shop on: 01253 779229.

Fish Friers