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Keejays Ltd Launches Hand Sanitiser for UK Essential Hospitality Workers

Article Date: 2020-05-05

Keejays Ltd, which has been making speciality sauces and pastes for professional kitchens since 1985, is this week launching a new Hand Sanitiser developed with the hardworking essential workers who are continuing to create food for the UK on a daily basis and are not able to use heavily fragranced products currently on the market. 

Keejays Ltd has now focused around 30% of its production towards creating its Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel. Made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, the Hand Sanitising Gel will kill 99.9% of bacteria while at the same time being non-perfumed, quick drying and easy-to-use. With no sticky residue, this gel is absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves a smooth, clean, moisturised feeling for those who use it – perfect for professional kitchens, factories and other food-producing premises, as well as a whole host of other businesses looking for these characteristics.

The Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel is being made in two formats – 300ml top-down squeezy bottle or 5L container. The Hand Sanitising Gel is being made in Keejays Ltd factory in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.

Sammy Lee, CEO and Owner of Keejays Ltd, said: “There is no denying, COVID-19 has hit the UK in a way no one foresaw at the beginning of 2020, and there has been a significant shortage of PPE and Hand Sanitising products across the board for all essential workers. For critical personnel in the production and distribution of food and drink the challenge is even greater when it comes to bacteria-killing product as food establishments are not allowed to use products which are heavily fragranced which could affect what they are creating.

“That is why we have made the decision as a business during these peculiar times to turn a third of our production capabilities to creating a product – the Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel – which can be safely and easily used by our friends and family across the hospitality world. It’s a small step, but hopefully one which can help businesses continue to run and provide the fantastic service they are offering.”

For further information including pricing and distribution, please contact or 01473 827 304.

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