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JJ Supports UK foodservice sector with £500K credit

Article Date: 2018-01-03

National wholesaler JJ Food Service has supported UK restaurants and takeaways with a total of £500K interest-free credit since the launch of the JJ Food Service Mastercard* just 12-weeks ago.

"The prospect of starting a new restaurant or takeaway can be daunting when considering how to manage costs, particularly with banks getting tougher on loans”, said JJ Food Service CEO Mustafa Kiamil.

"That’s why we launched the JJ Food Service Mastercard – to support independents.” The card is already helping many caterers and food outlets, from brand new businesses to established restaurants.

It can be used to pay for everything from petrol and utilities to catering supplies, including food from competitor wholesalers. "We don’t mind where customers use the card –as long as it helps their business to thrive,” said Mr Kiamil.

JJ Food Service Mastercard Customer Success Stories

Maria is the owner of busy Italian and Romanian restaurant, La Maria, in London. "Previously I was using a credit card, but with the JJ Mastercard we have up to 37 days to pay for shopping. It helps us to manage our budget without worrying about interest or monthly fees, ” she said.

No matter how busy your business is –everyone can experience cash flow products during quieter seasons. Restaurant Manager at Chelsea’s Bueno Argentinian Eatery and Steak House, Hernan Ottone, says that the JJ Food Service Mastercard has helped to keep his cash constantly flowing:

"Previously I was paying for my shopping using a personal debit card, but since switching to the JJ Food Service Mastercard it’s given us more time to pay. This has been useful during quieter trading periods. The application process was really easy – it took a few minutes and we did it all online.”

Some customers are so pleased with the impact of the cardthat it has encouraged them to expand. Fast food outlet Grill Palace in Slough opened last year. OwnerSharjheel said, "After just a few weeks of trading with the card –business has been booming! We asked for an increase on the card limit and it was approved the same day!”

The JJ Food Service Mastercard is accepted by millions of retailers worldwide. The application process takes minutes and does not impact credit score. Businesses can check eligibilityat

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