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JJ Supports Caterers with ‘Think Fresh Chicken' Campaign

Article Date: 2019-09-18

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a new range of chicken products as part of its 'Think Fresh Chicken' campaign to support restaurants to improve quality and margins with fresh air-chilled* chicken.

The new range consists of fresh calibrated chicken breast fillets (90-110g, 2x5kg), boneless chicken thighs (skin-off, 2x5kg) and boneless chicken legs (skin-on and skin-off, 2x5kg).

"The pre-cut chicken breast, typically used for breaded burgers, helps takeaways to save time, reduce waste and support portion control", said Group General Manager at JJ, Terry Larkin.

All the chicken cuts can be enjoyed barbecued, griddled or breaded and fried.

To support the launch, JJ’s has invested in a series of YouTube videos with cooking and serving suggestions for each product, available to watch here.

Prices start from just £30.99 / 2x5kg – that’s just 31p per chicken breast fillet (90-110g) when customers pay online by card. See the full range of new chicken products here.

JJ customer Kebabland, a Harrow-based restaurant and takeaway, uses skin-on chicken leg to make its popular chicken doner, which delivers an excellent margin.

“A chicken doner costs the caterer just £1 per portion** – that's an 85% margin when sold at £6.50 per kebab,” said Terry.

See how JJ customer Kebabland makes the ultimate chicken doner here.

Fish Friers