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Fish Friers

How much are we willing to pay for fish & chips and other British classics?

Article Date: 2019-06-13

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Our map reveals how much people expect to pay around the country for classic British treats – from a chippy tea to a pint of lager.

In celebration of National Fish and Chip Day on 7 June, we polled the UK to find out how much different areas of the country would expect to fork out on a portion of fish and chips, and more of our favourite indulgences.

The cost of a chippy tea

Outside of London, those living in Northern Ireland expect to pay the most for a portion of fish and chips at £9.59.

Those in the West Midlands were revealed as having the tightest purse strings when it came to enjoying a meal from the chippy, and expect to spend just £5.92 on average - the lowest in the UK. 

The top ten regions where residents expect to spend the most on a portion of fish and chips, are:

London - £10.08
Northern Ireland - £9.59
North East - £8.57
Scotland - £6.99
East / East Anglia - £6.65
South East - £6.64
North West - £6.39
Yorkshire and the Humber £6.37
South West - £6.25
East Midlands - £6.21

A pint to wash it down?

Whilst Yorkshire residents were happy to fork out for a portion of fish and chips, they did live up to their reputation of being more cash conscious when it came to a pint, with the Yorkshire-folk expecting to pay an average of £3.17 for a pint of lager - lower than anywhere else in the country – and just £4.19 for a pint of craft beer.

When it comes to wine, it seems the Welsh are the most frugal, willing to pay just £3.82 for a medium glass.

Fish and chips not taking your fancy?

Head to your local gastropub for a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

Once again, Yorkshire-folk are looking for the lowest price tag, but where does everyone else fit in?

1. Northern Ireland - £14.78
2. London - £13.90
3. North East - £12.13
4. Scotland - £11.62
5. South East - £11.30
6. South West - £10.81
7. East/East Anglia - £10.66
8. North West - £10.42
9. West Midlands - £10.19
10. East Midlands - £10.09
11. Wales - £9.88
12. Yorkshire and the Humber - £9.79

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Fish Friers