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Fish Friers


Article Date: 2014-09-26

A poll for UK sea food watchdog Seafish shows the extent of how people across the UK prefer their fish and chips.

The study shows the love the UK has for fish and chips and that 90% of us eat it regularly from a fish and chip shop.

Region by region the preferences change to startling contrast,
Belfast eats the most cod (81% of respondents prefer cod) and is tops for splashing on vinegar (80%). People in Belfast eat fish & chips most often (54% enjoying it at least once a month). • Birmingham adds more curry sauce than any other city surveyed (43%). • Newcastle – biggest fans of eating from the paper/box (70%); top for tomato ketchup (40%) and eating by the seaside (37%). • Manchester is No 1 for adding mushy peas (66%) and gravy (29%). • Cardiff – adds salt (89%) the most frequently and, just like Glaswegians, love eating them on the way home from the pub. • Edinburgh – Nearly half of respondents (45%) prefer to eat fish and chips on the couch in front of the TV, favouring salt ^n^ sauce (45%).
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Fish Friers