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Hewigo^s new installation

Article Date: 2013-08-05

Overlooked by the beautiful Malvern Hills, Barnards Green Fish Bar, in Malvern, has recently installed a new 4-pan Hewigo High Efficiency Advantage range as the centrepiece of a complete refurbishment of this 30-years established business.

Started by Vassos Kalisperas, the fish bar is now run by his twin sons Chris and Mike. “We chose Hewigo because the range offered everything we wanted but at a price less than comparable ranges. There was also no compromise on service,” says Chris. “The efficiency is superb, it is easy to operate and we’ve not only saved on our gas bill but also on the use of cooking oil. We can now cope easily with the big orders.”

The chosen range is finished with eye-level computerised controls, Hewigo’s unique filtration system, curved edges to range and counter, candescent concave stainless steel panels with multi-coloured LED lighting and incorporates Hewigo’s new 220W jacketed heat lamps which solve the problem of providing excellent illumination in the display cabinet without burning the food. A Quorion ‘Q’ touch cash register is fully integrated into the counter.

Another fine feature is provided by Mike Kalisperas who has used his skills as a multi-media designer to programme the bank of television screens which carry the menu, videos, information and entertainment for customers. 

Phillip Purkiss, General Manager of Hewigo UK comments, “The lasting success of Barnards Green Fish Bar is a testament to the hard work of Vassos which is now carried on by his sons. We are proud to be able to supply such a thriving business and help maintain its consistently high standards."

Fish Friers