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Have you entered this years Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year?

Article Date: 2016-06-28

Entries close on Thursday 30th June. We would ask everyone who has a member of staff under the age of 25 to encourage them to enter the award and to gain the experience that the competition can bring.


Martin Clarke, Sales & Marketing Manager Drywite Ltd, said "I’d urge anyone thinking of getting on board with Drywite Young Fish Friers of the Year to apply before 30/6/16. The exciting competition to find the 2017 DYFFY reaches new heights each year, and of course represents a terrific opportunity for training and best practice knowledge. National recognition for the winner and an increase in business for the winners shop too are just a few of the benefits of being the Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year.”


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Fish Friers