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Golden touch for the Elite Fish and Chip Company

Article Date: 2014-06-25

Once again the Elite Fish and Chip Company from Lincolnshire have beaten their peers to winning a prestigious Gold award in the family business place Red Ribbon Awards  2014.

Receiving the Corporate Social Responsibility award for their efforts in raising over £27,000 for five Lincolnshire charities has not gone unnoticed.

The anonymous nomination said: "I^m delighted to have been involved with the Elite Fish and Chip^s 25th Anniversary fund-raising bonanza. They had a target of raising £25,000 for charity and they completely smashed their target. They are a great example of how a family business, who have been supported by the local community whilst they grow, can give back and make a real difference. It^s a huge achievement for one small business but one which will make an enormous difference to their chosen charities."

It was sent forward to the awards and spoke volumes for the way Adrian Tweedale and his staff collected such an incredible amount of money for their five chosen charities throughout their 25th Anniversary year of business in Lincolnshire. Adrian has said that it would never have happened if it wasn^t for the people around Lincolnshire supporting the business and the affection they had shown for each of the charities that was picked, but with out the consistent determination of every member of staff at the Elite it is hard to believe the target of £25,000 would have been reached.

Manager at the Sleaford Elite, Rachel Tweedale, travelled down to London last Friday (20th June) to the Red Ribbon Awards ceremony held at the stunning Goldsmiths Hall. Rachel said, "Sitting listening to the nominations for the Corporate Social Responsibility category we never had clue we would be the winners. It was amazing collecting the award and I^m so proud of all our staff. All the hard work and effort has finally been worthwhile. The people involved in all the five charities was so deserving of our help and this just makes you feel very humble and appreciated."

ABOVE: Rachel (left) with the award

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