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Frankie’s customers raise more than £600 for Fishermen’s Mission

Article Date: 2016-12-19

Generous customers at Frankie’s Fish & Chips have donated more than £600 towards the work of the Fishermen’s Mission.


Funds from the Mission "spinner” in the shop, as well as the "Albert” collecting tin and envelopes, were presented to local superintendent Aubrey Jamieson by staff at the award-winning chippy last week.


"Frankie’s has always been a big supporter of the work of the Fishermen’s Mission and I’m delighted that our customers have donated £625 in our shop during the year,” said Frankie’s manager Carlyn Kearney.


"The Mission is dependent on donations – there are many ways for folk to do this, whether through the spinner, the collecting tin, envelopes, phone, text or online.”


The Fishermen’s Mission reaches out to both active and retired fishermen by providing practical, spiritual and financial support – as well as a vital emergency response service.

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