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Fish Friers

Elvis has entered the building!

Article Date: 2013-10-28

The Wetherby Whaler fish and chip restaurant in Wakefield rocked to the sound of Elvis Presley, which raised more than £1000 for the Wakefield Hospice.

Guests weren’t “lonesome tonight” as Elvis, aka Wetherby Whaler customer and well-known Elvis impersonator Chris Hawkins, was in the building and performed “Jail House Rock”, “Blue Suede Shoes” and other much loved classics while they enjoyed renowned Whaler fish and chips.

The Wetherby Whaler is an iconic brand throughout West Yorkshire, and stands out as a symbol of the success of fish and chips in the area. Bought by its current owners, Philip and Janine Murphy, in 1989, the Wetherby Whaler is now run with the help of a second generation, their daughters, Joanne and Caroline.

Phillip Murphy, owner of the Wetherby Whaler, said: “At The Wetherby Whaler we believe that it is very important for us to support our community and local charities. The fundraising evening was a great success and we’re thrilled with the amount raised for the Wakefield Hospice; Elvis Presley and Wetherby Whaler fish and chips proved to be the perfect combination!”

Fish Friers