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Edinburgh to show Seafish^s new film

Article Date: 2013-03-18

Seafish, which screened The Business of Fishing last week in London, will show the film in Edinburgh this week.

The second screening in Edinburgh, shown on the 20th March, highlights the aspects of fishing and the day-to-day challenges that vessel owners face.

The film features four vessel owners and explores the difficulties of operating in the modern fishing industry.

Following the London screening, TV marine biologist, Monty Halls, who took part in the BBC^s Fisherman^s Apprentice, discussed the importance of collaboration between all groups concerned with the future of the industry and our seas. Mr Halls said, "It^s important not to demonise sectors of the industry which are making a living and operating legally."

After the Scottish event, Scottish Fisheries Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead MSP, will give a short address on recent innovations in the Scottish fleet and will offer his thoughts on the future of both fleets and fish stocks.

The Edinburgh screening will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons, Surgeons^ Hall.

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