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BaxterStorey pilots new MSC standard for hospitality sector

Article Date: 2015-02-23

Sustainable fish is a step closer for the hospitality industry today with the launch of a new MSC traceability standard tailored for the sector. The new Chain of Custody standard has been piloted with caterers BaxterStorey who saw 20 catered sites MSC certified under the new standard.


BaxerStorey has built its business on sourcing sustainable fresh local produce wherever possible. As part of that strategy, MSC certification provides a simple, solid reassurance that the fish bearing the MSC label can be traced back to a sustainable source.


George Clark, UK Commercial Manager for the MSC welcomed the move:"BaxterStorey’s new MSC status brings certified sustainable seafood to their clients. By getting MSC Chain of Custody the company are helping their clients to support sustainable fishing practices around the world. I’m very pleased that BaxterStorey used our new standard to get certified. It shows that all of the work we’ve put into developing this more streamlined system is going to pay off for our restaurant and catering clients.”


After piloting the new version of the MSC standard with 20 sites, BaxterStorey intend uptake across their whole portfolio, making it available to all their sites. Key species such as Alaskan Salmon, Norwegian cod & Exmouth Mussels are already a feature and MSC labelled at the 20 pilot sites, providing diners with a clear and recognisable sustainable choice.



Scott Taylor, Category Manager at BaxterStory said: "For BaxterStorey the opportunity to continue to strengthen our understanding of sustainable sourcing is key. Working with the MSC to pilot this updated standard for consumer facing organisations has given our teams the opportunity to influence the development of a strong traceability system for seafood, so that it really works for them.

"We found that the MSC’s updated Chain of Custody standard is straightforward, logical and meshes well with our current systems. We have a strong focus on training so it is great that the updated standard places significant focus on this. Site level staff found it simple to implement and really see the value in conveying the sustainability message that MSC offers to our clients and customers.”


A new route to MSC certification


The MSC’s new standard, launched 20thFebruary, simplifies the original ‘Chain of Custody’ certification and customises it for the restaurant industry. The key changes are:

·A range of prescriptive and unnecessary requirements have been removed

·The ‘mass balance’ requirement has been removed so there is no longer a need to reconcile purchases and sales of MSC fish. This is replaced by an exercise to demonstrate traceability within your business or kitchen

·Internal auditing is no longer required for groups. More specific requirements for training have been introduced in an attempt to create a better understanding of the program and reduce mislabelling of products.

·Record keeping requirements have been halved so that you now only have to keep 18 months of records (e.g. training or invoices)


For further details please contact George Clark, MSC UK Commercial Manager at or 0207 246 8917

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