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Apprenticeships - Meat Ipswich and Seafish to host workshop on 22nd July

Article Date: 2014-07-02

Apprenticeships are in the news a lot recently - usually along with the statement "employers should do more to take on apprenticeships.” Well, in the seafood industry, and particularly amongst fish friers, we are taking on many more apprenticeships, because there are clear business benefits to offering an apprenticeship to an existing or new member of staff.

do you want to find out why fish friers in other regions are so enthusiastic about apprenticeships?

There will be an employer workshop in Ipswich on the 22nd July, hosted by Meat Ipswich and the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish). 

The workshop is about the business benefits of fish and shellfish apprenticeships and professional qualifications for fish friers, mongers and processors. It is free to attend and all are welcome.  And, there’s a traditional afternoon tea for everyone after the discussions.

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