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Article Date: 2016-02-02

Adande’s Matchbox refrigerated drawer system was the winner of the ‘Refrigeration Product of the Year’ category at the 2016 National ACR Awards. The presentation of the award was made at a gala dinner held at the Town Hall, Birmingham, on 28 January 2016.


The Adande Matchbox operates on hydrocarbon R600a refrigerant, which is a non-toxic chemical compound, demonstrating negligible ozone depletion characteristics and a very low global warming potential. Adande models operating on the hydrocarbon refrigerant are available at no additional capital cost. The system also features drawers which may be opened from either side of the unit, providing two or more chefs with simultaneous access to food stored in the drawers, for increased operational efficiency.


The judging panel agreed that the new Matchbox models combine environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, ergonomics, operational productivity, reduced food waste, cold storage flexibility, extended fridge life, reduced maintenance and sustainability. A compact footprint, yet large storage capacity, means that the units are particularly suited to foodservice operations where kitchen floor space is at a premium.

Third party, in-house and working kitchen metered energy tests have demonstrated the energy saving characteristics of the Adande refrigerated drawer system. Similar tests have also established that Adande models operating on R600a hydrocarbon refrigerant achieve further savings of 19% in freezer mode.


The award was received by Adande’s Sales Director, Karl Hodgson, and Engineering Manager (Foodservice), Dr Catarina Marques. Karl Hodgson stated:

"The judging panel’s decision is testament to the energy saving and sustainability credentials of our Matchbox refrigeration system. We have won an award in a particularly strong category, coming out on top against a number of worthy entries. The product has now received high profile awards in the UK, Europe and the Far East.”


The winning entry represents the second consecutive year in which Adande has achieved success at the National ACR Awards, with Managing Director, Ian Wood, having received the accolade of 2015 Environmental Champion. At the 2015 National ACR Awards, Adande was also highly commended for its patented Aircell airflow management system, designed to reduce energy consumption and improve temperature stability in retail refrigerated open front multi deck display cases, whilst limiting the effect of cold aisle syndrome.

Fish Friers