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A capital celebration for Frymax

Article Date: 2014-06-12

There was cause for celebration in "The Big Smoke" as Frymax celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The MV Golden Sunrise sailed from Temple Pier with 150 guests from the fish and chip trade joining the celebration. On board were representatives of the frying community, the distributive chain, suppliers , trade associations and 11 members of the Young Friers Group representing the future of the trade.

ABOVE: Industry greats Fred Capel, John Rutherford (FASFA), Harry Niazi, Marc Degen

Marc Degen, general manager Olenex UK, welcomed the guests on board and commented that, "Only a brand of true quality could maintain its position as ‘ the fryers favourite’ for such a period of time.”  Marc noted the radical changes in the trade since the launch of Frymax  including the introduction of computer controlled ranges, the change from newsprint to plain chip wrap and boxes, the development of frozen at sea fish and the increased competition faced by the trade. "Frymax has moved with the times and harnessed technical advances to maintain its consistent quality by utilising modern refinery techniques and improved technical services.”

A highlight of the evening was a presentation to Chippy’s of Haverhill in Suffolk which has used Frymax since their opening 59 years ago. Partner Glenn Edwards commented that, "We have never had a complaint about Frymax is almost 60 years "  Marc also saluted Margaritelli’s and Vallas, two family businesses that have used Frymax for sixty years since its introduction as well as a number of shops who have used Frymax for over fifty years."

Guest speaker Gregg Howard, president of The National Federation of Fish Friers, praised Frymax for its involvement with the trade and its contribution towards quality standards through its sponsorship of The Best Newcomer Award. Turning to the quality of Frymax Gregg said, "What a fantastic achievement it is that Frymax has been supplying fish and chip shops throughout the UK with such a quality vegetable oil for 60 years. These foundations ensure quality fish and chips for generations to come.”

ABOVE: Gregg with Marc Degen       

Marc Degen ended the evening by thanking the guests for coming together to share in Frymax’s celebration and emphasised that Frymax would always strive to maintain the highest quality standards to help friers to produce delicious fish and chips for their customers.

A presentation was made by Marc Degen to Cyril Solomons, Marketing Consultant, for his contribution to the success of Frymax over the past 15 years. Marc commented on Cyril’s contacts with so many friers saying that customer service and technical support were part of the strength of Frymax and would continue to be important in the future.

Cyril told The Review, "The presentation was totally unexpected. I just did the job that I was paid to do to the best of my ability and didn’t expect any additional reward. I have enjoyed working in this trade with so many friendly friers and the success of Frymax is as much due to their frying skills and loyalty as to anything that I have done.”

ABOVE: Cyril is delighted with his presentation

At the end of the evening three chocolate models of fish and chips, beautifully created by master chocolatier Barry Colenso, were raffled. The winners were James Lipscombe of Fish ‘n’ Chick’n,
Michael Shone of Henry Colbeck and William Rowe of W.J. Rowe.

 ABOVE: Chocolate fish and chips

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