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Fish Friers

Blanching – How to save time! 

Due to Covid 19, the NFFF is running a limited training schedule. For training enquiries please email

The course will teach you the art of blanching chips and how this blanching can be a vital time saver during your busy periods. Learn how to blanch and when it is recommended.

What you will learn:

  • Explain the reasons why you would blanch.
  • Show and explain equipment required for blanching.
  • Explain the difference to chips being blanched and chips not blanched.
  • Discuss frying temps and their importance when blanching.
  • Fry products and show the difference between blanched and un-blanched chips.
  • Discuss the time positives and negatives of blanching.

Where you will learn:

  • Zoom online live session

Study length:

  • 1 - 2 hours duration

Cost of this course:

  • NFFF Members £60.00+VAT
  • Non – NFFF Members £95.00+VAT

Fish Friers

100% felt better equipped to manage/work in a fish shop business

100% would recommend the course

79% said the course surpassed their expectactions

Fish Friers
Fish Friers