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Local fish frying associations had begun cropping up around the country towards the end of the 19th century, providing solidarity for friers as the industry grew. But it wasn't until the 11th November 1913 that something bigger was realised. Manchester was where it all began, or to be precise the Albion hotel (pictured right) where delegates from 17 local fish frying organisations gathered with the intention to create a singular national body capable of protecting the interests of the trade.

That meeting, called by the Manchester, Salford and District Fish Friers Association was to form the National Federation of Fish Friers Associations....

Fish Friers

To Protect and Promote

Fish Friers

The NFFF has always acted in the best interests of the fish frier and during the war years it was the work of the Federation that ensured the supply of raw materials used to make fish and chips was consistently preserved. Meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries were commonplace and the NFFF influence led to price controls for white fish, a plan for emergency fish distribution, potato subsidies and a safeguard on oil and fat supplies.

It was these efforts that afforded the NFFF great respect throughout the frying community but this work continued and through the years the NFFF would work to ensure friers were well represented on issues such as Sunday closing; VAT, food labelling and Health &

Safety and Hygiene legislation; also working towards the introduction of the first recognised fish frying qualifications with the City and Guilds in Fish Frying practice introduced in 1993.

In 2013, the NFFF celebrated its centenary year, a 100 years of helping the fish frier. Represented by Executive Councillors up and down the country we still work on the same values that we were founded on and will continue to work hard to protect and promote our National dish for as long as people continue to enjoy fish and chips.

Fish Friers

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Fish Friers

Be certified sustainable with the MSC

To certify sustainability, the most recognised method is through working with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The MSC 'Blue tick' ecolabel is the most trusted and recognised indicator of seafood sustainability and is used to show that seafood has come from an independently certified sustainable fishery. The blue tick is becoming increasingly familiar to consumers, can be awarded at any point of the supply chain, to fisheries, suppliers and vendors and is really the most trusted way of knowing that your fish is responsibly sourced.

For a fish and chip shop to display the MSC Ecolabel it will need to attain Chain of Custody and it has never been as easy!

Become MSC certified with the NFFF clicking here

Operating Sustainably

When discussing sustainability, fish sourcing may instantly spring to mind, but there are also a number of other ways that fish and chip shops can embrace this concept.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) are Associate members of the NFFF and work to help businesses adopt a sustainable way of thinking.

Sustainability quick Links

There are plenty of organisations whose job help fish and chip shops to become more sustainable, both in their sourcing and practices

Fish Friers

Fish Friers

Fish Friers
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