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Article Date: 2015-08-05

Whitby Fish and Chip Company Serves Up Regatta^s First Seaside Food Theatre

Fish and chip lovers will be able to go behind the scenes of the nation’s favourite dish at next week’s Whitby Regatta when The Whitby Fish and Chip Companyand Dennis Crooks fish merchants join forces in the event’s first-ever live food demo.

Festival goers can pick up a portion from The Whitby Fish and Chip Company mobile takeaway – the only Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) catering trailer in the UK – at West Cliff over the weekend of August 15th and 16thand see first-hand how their fresh MSC certified Scottish haddock is filleted before it’s cooked by the frying Fusco brothers Raymond and Stuart, from the award winning takeaway business.

Twice a day over the weekend, skilled fish filleter Will Crooks, from the region’s only MSC certified fish merchant, will demonstrate how fish is filleted, trimmed and boned ready for frying in a process not normally seen by customers, in a special marquee next to The Whitby Fish and Chip Company trailer.

"Our family are really passionate about sustainable fish and this is a great opportunity to show people how much care and attention goes into each portion,”says Adrian Fusco. "We expect it to be a busy weekend and hopefully we will see many locals as well as some new faces.”

Second-generation fish merchant Will Crooks added: "While most people know something about how fish is caught, they rarely get to see the amount of work that goes into preparing it for frying. Hopefully we can open people’s eyes to the hard work that goes into the processing and cooking and help them learn more about the importance of MSC certification.”

The Whitby Fish and Chip Company’s mobile trailer is run by the multi-award winning Fusco family, which own Whitby’s Royal Fisheries, The Fish Box,and the UK’s number one fish and chip shop and restaurant Quayside. As well as being Independent Takeaway Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2014, Quayside has won recognition for its commitment to sustainable sourcing, and was the first fish and chip shops in Yorkshire to get the prestigious MSC stamp of approval that the fish it serves is sustainably sourced.They are part of a select group of fish and chip shops in the UK who have MSC certification.

Get a portion of Britain’s best fish and chips at the Whitby Regatta from 11am-6pm on August 15th and 16th.

Fish Friers