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Why Foodservice Professionals are choosing frozen

Article Date: 2020-09-03

Frozen food has seen a big rise in popularity over the last few months with Kantra and the British Frozen Food Federation reporting that sales increased by £285 million. This shows the stigma around frozen food being inferior to fresh and chilled has become a thing of the past, which is largely down to the frozen food industry offering innovative, quality products. This is backed up by further statistics showing frozen has in increased in value by 6.1% while fresh and chilled only by 5%.

While these stats are great and show a shift in public opinion they don’t answer the question of why people are choosing frozen. So this is where we as frozen food specialists come in to tell you why and how the foodservice industry can continue to thrive with frozen.

Reducing food waste – the impact of food waste has been a very hot topic recently and for good reason, a reported 4.5 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK. Frozen is a great way for businesses to reduce waste, they can simply take what they need from the freezer when orders come in. Richard Harrow, Chief Executive of the British Frozen Food Federation told us ‘The risk of future lockdowns make ordering stock a challenge and increase the chance of food waste. Foodservice business can address these issues by stocking up on long-lasting frozen products’.

Quick cook from frozen – Preparing your own batter, buying the ingredients for the marinade and marinating the chicken overnight are just a few of the extra processes needed when preparing fresh. We have heard from many of our customers who have tried and failed to prepare their own fried chicken with the quality and consistency varying drastically. With Meadow Vale’s quality assured lines quality is guaranteed through our tried and tested methods

No raw poultry on site – We have heard many horror stories of customers being served raw chicken, a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. This and the potential of cross contamination are great reasons to use fully cooked, frozen chicken.

These are just a few reasons why more and more people are choosing frozen over fresh.

The proof is in the taste, see our complete range of products where you can request free samples and live demo’s with our Chef to see how versatile and delicious our products are.

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