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Who will be crowned the Young Fish Frier of The Year 2015?

Article Date: 2014-12-05


The National Fish and Chip Awards held in London on 20 January 2015 will no doubt be the fish and chip event of the year. There is plenty to look forward to but for six young individuals in the audience, the most nerve wracking moment will be the announcement of the winner of Young Fish Frier of the Year Competition.

Jonny, Kat, Rachel, Ryan, James and Amy have all worked incredibly hard this year to get through to the final of the competition. But not all of it was just work, fun was also a huge part of the process.

Beginning with meeting fellow young friers at various events, they took part in educational trips and days out. They learned together and shared their knowledge with each other, each hoping to win and better themselves.

One of the finalists, Rachel Tweedale said that "taking part in this competition is a fantastic way of meetinglike minded individuals who are passionate about what they do. The competition provides the opportunity to develop your career,skills and knowledge and acts as a platform for young enthusiastic friers to work together and help shape the future of the fish and chip industry.”

Each of the finalists will certainly agree that even by simply entering The Young Fish Frier of the Year competition, you are embarking on a great adventure. The Young Friers are often invited to visit places and businesses relevant to the fish and chip industry.

Range manufacturers such as Kiremko or Florigo welcome them to witness the processes involved in producing the highest quality ranges. The group also visits places such as Peterhead fish market or fellow chippys like Friankie’s Fish & Chips in the Shetland Islands.

The NFFF holds a Best Practice Day for Young Friers each year.It is a great opportunity to learn from past winners and gain a real insight into the competition, what^s involved and to learn a few tips and pointers along the way!

If taking part in the Young Fish Frier of the Year competition and being part of Young Friers group sound like something for you, please do get in touch with Drywite – the official sponsor.

Alternatively find any of the six finalists on Facebook – they are all looking forward to welcoming you to the Young Friers group on social media.

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