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Fish Friers

Whitby^s Quayside reels in student to be "fish of the week"

Article Date: 2013-06-18

The North East’s top fish and chip shop, Quayside, hooked such a good candidate for the role of its mascot ‘Finella the Fish’; they’ve given him bigger fish to fry!

Seventeen-year-old Whitby student James Grimont accepted Quayside’s challenge to “be a fish for a week” in May half-term, when he took on the role of special children’s mascot Finella – and he proved to be so good at his job, the Quayside team offered him a permanent role at the shop.

“James was certainly no fish out of water,” says Stuart Fusco, Quayside director and head chef. “In fact, he fell for the job hook, line and sinker! He was really out-going and very enthusiastic; he was happy talking to children and handing out leaflets, and I would describe him as a dream candidate really. Oh, and he also fitted into the fish suit, which was very important!”

James, who is studying Physics, Maths, Business and French at Whitby Community College, had no qualms transforming himself into a female fish for the week and will now take on the role of Saturday server/waiter at Quayside’s takeaway operation while he studies for his exams.

“Taking on the role of Finella was fun, silly and made for me!” said James. “And, I’m really pleased to be able to carry on working for the great team at Quayside in my new job.”

Stuart added: “James did his first shift this week and fitted in so well. He’s a really animated lad and talks to everyone like he’s known them forever, he has just the right attitude for Quayside.”

But James won’t be hanging up his fishy costume just yet either. “There will be plenty of events and activities happening in the summer so we’ll hopefully get James to reprise his scaly role again. They say there’s plenty more fish in the sea – but we feel James is a one-off!”

Fish Friers