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Fish Friers

Wetherby Whaler teams up with local brewery

Article Date: 2016-06-09

The Wetherby Whaler has joined forces with local microbrewery, Treboom, to offer its customers a beer especially suited to their fish and chips.

The two family-owned Yorkshire businesses have announced a new partnership which will see Wetherby Whaler restaurants stock Treboom’s Yorkshire Sparkle pale ale.

The Yorkshire Sparkle’s distinctive citrus taste, which is the result of a unique of combination of hops from around the world, compliments and contrasts with Wetherby Whaler’s traditional beef dripping-fried fish and chips in much the same way a squeeze of lemon brings out the flavour of battered fish.

The microbrewery, which was only established in 2012, is owned by husband and wife team, John Lewis and Jane Blackman and is based in Shipton-by-Beningbrough – just three miles from the Whaler’s York restaurant.

Phillip Murphy, co-owns the Wetherby Whaler with his wife, Janine, he said: "It’s fantastic to have Treboom’s Yorkshire Sparkle in our restaurants.

"We have a very similar ethos to Treboom, which also does its upmost to use local suppliers and produce, not only that, but it also uses traditional methods that the big breweries have forgotten about or don’t think are worth the time and effort.

"By stocking Yorkshire Sparkle, we’re able to support local enterprise, which we consider to be very important, and also provide our customers with a delicious beer that pairs beautifully with our traditional Yorkshire fish and chips.”

John said: "We’re exceptionally pleased to have our Yorkshire Sparkle available in the Wetherby Whaler. Its citrus and grapefruit flavours are the perfect accompaniment to Wetherby Whaler’s famous fish and chips.

"We strongly believe in pairing beer with food in the same way that wine has been for years, and on the back of all of our bottles is a guide for pairing that particular beer with different menus.

"It’s fantastic to have the support of another local business and the Wetherby Whaler has special significance to us as it^s one of our favourite places for fish and chips. We hope this is just the beginning of a long working relationship with the Whaler.”

Fish Friers